Cecelia Reilly

Cecelia2A day is a very happy day when I can spend it exploring new corners of wherever I am, my hometown or a place I am visiting. It is even better if there are people to share it with!

Travelling through new landscapes, scampering over rocks and creeks, learning and exploring new cultures energizes me to my core! The result is that I have travelled most of North America, some of Central and South America, the Caribbean, the UK and Western Europe.

My favourite activities when travelling are, of course, eating local fare and checking out the local culture and history. I am also an accomplished hiker, and spend a lot of time connecting to the local area through the region’s hiking and walking trails. This is why I am so enchanted with the walking culture of the UK in particular. It is made for the rambler in all of us!

Whenever I can, I travel. With others, family, friends, or on my own, I am always the organizer, the researcher, and the walker. The person who finds the stories about wherever I find myself. I like to bring the past to light and the present closer to myself and my companions.

I have a special affection for South America and Spain, the people, culture and language. As a Spanish speaker, my trips into Spanish speaking countries have been even more interesting, with opening of doors that occurs when you share a language.
So far, I've journeyed to Uruguay, Columbia, Peru and Uruguay, Spain, Cuba, and the UK, to name a few.

And I want more! This time, I plan to take new people with me, so I can share these fascinating countries with others.
I look forward to a future sharing some awe with you, as we experience new cultures, new foods, and new sights!

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