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blog250px cwt 1dorchester afternoon tea conde nast traveller 9apr13 pr 810x540I've just happened upon the most delicious list – The Best Afternoon Teas in London. They all look spectacular! I'm struggling to figure out how we'll choose next time in London. 

There are the traditional ones at Harrods, The Dorchester and The Savoy. If we're already shopping at Harrods, their time-honoured tea would be a sure winner.

Or, the Dorchester Hotel boasts a scone recipe that's been served for over 50 years. AND the Dorchester being one of the higher end hotels in London - wouldn't it be grand to have tea and find myself sitting next to Maggie Smith? Or perhaps Maggie will be at The Savoy, imbibing in their Royal Treatment tea. 

blog250px cwt cambodia groupWell, here it is – the depths of winter. So far, it's been a rough winter in northern America and warm climates are on your mind. You have the time. You have the money. So now, the travel dilemma ...go solo or find a friend to go with?

If you travel solo:

You can decide where you want to go with no ties to someone else.

You need only consider your own financial means.

You don't need to worry about someone else's schedule.

Once at your destination, you decide what activities you want to do.

You'd feel a sense of pride and accomplishment to do it on your own.

BUT, travelling alone is:

Lonely. it's not easy eating alone in a restaurant.

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